About Me

I’m Mariah, aka, “The Spooky Foodie”

I currently live in Michigan with my “hubs” Rob, and our two cat babies, Margot and Richie (Royal Tennenbaums anyone?)

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That’s us!

I work in the outdoor industry, for a little mountaineering company and love hiking, backpacking, kayaking, paddle-boarding, etc. I’m a runner and a yogi, but I’ve been known to pick up heavy things from time to time as well. I love staying active, and feeling healthy and strong.

My biggest focus is wellness. And I want to shift the way we have conversations about health and well-being. Health is such a big picture to look at, and it’s going to look a little different for everyone. I’m all about finding what is good for YOU! I also know that what is good for you is going to include more things than just food. So while I am first and foremost a foodie, I also want to remain an advocate for mental health, body positivity, social interaction, and building community.

I try to connect all of these things holistically, and draw the connections between things like the food we put in our bodies, our self-talk, our relationships, and habits.

I’m also a minimalist. Or I try to be.

My education background is in the arts, which really set me up for life in ways that I never could have anticipated. I like to live in such a way where everything is intentional, nothing is unnecessary or arbitrary, and everything fits nicely into a greater concept. That concept for me is Less, But Better.

Most of my recipes include simple, minimal ingredients that pack a lot of nutrients. I try to practice mindfulness and be intentional with the things I eat, the activities I do, and the things I put out into the world. Basically, that means no junk.Β Not in my food, not in my thoughts, not anywhere in my life! Obviously though, it is a process– one that is never really over and that I’m not always perfect at.

This is a journey, and I’m glad you’re here on it with me!